Why Midtown Atlanta Chiropractic?

At Midtown Atlanta Chiropractic we offer an innovative approach to chiropractic care that specializes in soft tissue injuries that may be related to yoga, sports, athletic training, dance, overuse syndrome or work. Many of these issues arise from an acute or chronic event that could lead to a musculoskeletal dysfunction and/or pain within the body. In addition to traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Misty Pealor utilizes Active Release Techniques to achieve quick, maximum results.

Many people are unaware that chiropractic, when utilized with the Active Release Techniques (ART) can accomplish much more than relief from back pain and headaches. Dr. Pealor strives to educate everyone to think outside the box when considering care for the "something" that doesn't move quite right or the pain that hinders your ability to accomplish your workout or the task at hand.  

We take the time to listen to you being certain that we develop the best individual plan that suits your particular need. Taking into account that every person is different we try not to chase pain, we look into the functionality of the body as whole. Being full body certified in ART, Dr. Pealor knows the body and its movements well.

Meet The Doctor, Misty Pealor, DC


"After the first session with Misty I regained full motion in my neck. She is the only person I trusted to treat me after my car accident. She is very knowledgeable, definitely recommend her."
-Elizabeth R 2016

Dr. Misty is a strong and powerful practitioner who's knowledge and intuitive skills are top notch!
- Cindi O 2015

"As a hair stylist and aslo a server I swear by her! You need her in your life!!"
-Lauren S 2016

"Dr. Misty listened to me...Within ten days (two appointments) I was a new man, and to date have yet to experience any additional back pain. Dr. Misty is simply the best!!"
-Philip P 2016

Midtown Atlanta Chiropractic named best chiropractor by Midtown Lifestyle Magazine in 2018!