Misty Pealor, DC

Dr. Misty Pealor attended Life University for her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition graduating with honors. Furthering her education she graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2009. After school, 4 years was spent as an associate here in Atlanta Georgia. In 2014 Dr. Pealor started her own practice, Midtown Atlanta Chiropractic, where her primary focus is on helping athletes. Additionally, she continues to see patients in East Cobb once a week.

With a constant focus on health and body Dr. Pealor is no stranger to physical fitness. While attending Life University she created and taught indoor cycling classes for multiple years. She has also worked with private clients teaching Pilates, yoga and body strengthening exercises. Being involved with others personal fitness, as well as her own, she became accustomed to being around individuals of all abilities, ranging from the part-time to the professional athlete.

Keeping with up to date techniques Dr. Pealor received her Full Body Certification in the Active Release Technique (ART). Her practice focuses on functionality and mobility of the body and while chiropractic restores joint function, ART restores soft tissue achieving shorter rehab with injury. She continues to seek out post doctoral programs and certifications which provide greater understanding of the body.

She is also part of the Exhale community in Midtown Atlanta where she spends much of her time focusing on her personal fitness giving her an inside look and understanding to what any athlete may experience in todays world.  


Certifications and Communities

- Full Body Certified ART Chiropractor
- Ironman Provider

Midtown Atlanta Chiropractic named best chiropractor by Midtown Lifestyle Magazine in 2018!