Methods of Manipulation

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Manual Adjusting and Drop Technique

This is a controlled force that can be delivered manually with the chiropractors hands or with the assistance of the table, utilizing drop away pieces. Both are effective and deliver congruent results.


Instrumentation Adjusting

Sometimes the "twisting and popping" of traditional chiropractic adjusting can be uncomfortable. For those patients Activator Method or instrument adjusting is a great alternative. Like manual techniques, utilization of an instrument achieves consistent results. 

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Extremity Adjusting

In addition to spinal adjustments, often times extremities such as shoulder, elbows, hands, knees and feet need to be adjusted. The body works as a kinetic chain, every joint is connected to another, thereby it becomes important to visualize the body as a whole. Extremities, not unlike the spine, can be adjusted manually or with the help of an instrument.